Payroll Solutions

Providing a professional and comprehensive service at all times

Our managed Payroll services include:  

  • Processing of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly Payroll for permanent staff members.
  • Capturing all deductions, earnings and leave transactions for your employees. 
  • Recording of assets issued to employees.
  • Compiling electronic payment files and third-party payment files. 
  • Completing EMP 201 and UIF returns and forwarding payment instructions to ensure payment is on time. 
  • Annual and interim submissions of IRP 5 and EMP501 / 601.
  • Facilitate the distribution of IRP 5 to your employees.
  • Assist with the completion and submission of the Annual WCA return of earnings.
  • Creating management reports to assist in cost tracking with regards to Payroll.

The benefits of Payroll outsourcing: 

  1. No annual license fees payable for Payroll programs.
  2. No dedicated Payroll employee.
  3. No software or hardware costs.
  4. Reduces your direct and indirect costs.
  5. Volume-based pricing.
  6. Confidentiality.